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AtmoCL and AtmoWEB

AtmoCL is an OpenCL port of the All Scale Atmospheric Model (ASAM) that I worked on during my time at Tropos. The code was initially based on the OpenGL derivative ASAMgpu. While OpenGL as a base for the initial GPU model was the intuitive choice, the (back then) more recent OpenCL offered some neat advantages. Apart from allowing the same code to run on a variety of hosts including heterogeneous environments of GPUs, CPUs and accelerators, we could profit from the 3D image class. The mapping from 3D volume to 2D textures - which are the favourable memory format for GPUs - is done by the driver. Further, one can directly access any point of the volume through integer indices instead of the more cumbersome float coordinates, inherent to OpenGL.

One main idea was to export the model state as images where the volume is mapped to 2D cutplanes and state variables are presented in RGB. To animate the pictures as a moving sequence, I developed a lightweight webinterface using bootstrap. It also plots vertical profiles and time series with highcharts. Checkout the demo.