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Website Content from Markdown

Time to celebrate, this is my first content that uses the new format.

For a while I have been noticing that it feels too cumbersome to add content to this site; writing is hard and it is harder when you do it in html. Then there is markdown, which feels completely opposite. It is convenient, easy to read and easy to write in any editor. You can even write a paper with colleagues in real time, without ever leaving your browser. Seriously, if you are not familiar with markdown yet, let me recommend spending a few minutes of procrastination to check it out.

Considering the goal to get markdown files onto my custom site, the only hurdle was to render the .md files to html. First, I considered parsing only once before uploading everything so that page loads remain snappy. Then I realized that parsing an average document takes less than 10ms and ended up using Parsedown, a renderer in php. This allows me to simply drop the .md files into a folder on the server, php fetches them and parsedown creates the html for every file.

See this snippet of php:

foreach (glob("folder_with_markdown_files/*.md") as $file) {
    $html = Parsedown::instance()->text(file_get_contents($file));
    echo "<hr><div class='markdown'>";
    echo $html;
    echo "</div>";

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